Gum Disease Treatment - Amazing Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Josette C.


The best dentist, my three kids have been going here for over three years. They actually like the dentist and the staff when we go. The front desk people are very helpful and give lots of notifications so you don’t forget your appointment. The way they handle kids is very friendly and caring to give the kids a good experience so they will want to come back. The kids get to watch cartoon movies on the ceiling as they clean their teeth while laying on surfboard tables.

The dentist really cares about what he does and is very straight forward but nice. You can tell he really cares about the children and so does his staff. In this day and age this is the ONLY medical place that I have to take my children that doesn’t make me stress out. This is the best dentist practice I have seen for children. I recommend them all the time. I now have friends that say the same.